Caroline Basuyau

Colourist artist, I offer a full exotic travel in imaginary and colorful landscapes. Inspired Artistic movement, a mix of techniques always changing.
Drawn by color and resonance of transparency, I dig, scratch, punched between the bulkhead and the disintegration, shadow and light.
Bird of paradise, giant insects and jungles Fauves take you in an intimate and poetic travel.

March 2014 Château de l’Hermine – VALVES
December 2005 at the Orangerie of Tabor – RENNES
November 2004 at the Orangerie of Tabor – RENNES
June 2003 at the Orangerie of Tabor – RENNES
2013 – Auction House – RENNES (fifteen works)
2009 – Galerie Yves HALTER – RENNES (orders ten works)
2005 – Exhibition at the Galerie ARTS AND MEN – VALVES.
January to September 2004 – Exhibition at the Gallery EVERATS – PARIS.
February to June 2004 – Exhibition at the Gallery BRIORD – NANTES.
July-August 2003 – Exhibition at the Galerie du Port – YEU ISLAND.
June 2016 exhibition in the castle of Hermine – VANNES.
2013 – Art Exhibition in Capital GRAND PALACE – PARIS
25 July to 6 August 2004, prestigious International Exhibition “Salon des Leopards” of St Tropez.
13 and December 14, 2003 Art market and crafts at LOCTUDY.
October 31 to November 9, 2003, the Salon of French Artists in the Auteuil area in PARIS.
April 2002 and 2003 Salon des Arts and Crafts of HENNEBONT.
TV Reportage France 5 – 2013
TV report on M6 – June 2003 and December 2005
TV report Rennes – June 2003
Regular publications in the specialized press and local press of general circulation since 2002.